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I’m featured in Mashable

This article from today in Mashable describes some of the fun stuff I get to work with:

Erik Bernhardsson is technical lead at Spotify, where he helped to build a music recommendation system based on large-scale machine learning algorithms, mainly matrix factorization of big matrices using Hadoop. He moved into this role after heading the Business Intelligence team, where he collected, aggregated and made sense of all the data at Spotify, whether that’s ad-hoc insights, A/B testing, visualization or ad optimization.

Bernhardsson’s roots at Spotify date back to 2008, when he interned for the company while writing his master’s thesis on systems for automatic music recommendations (he was awarded master’s thesis of the year by Naturvetarna, and we all know where that led).

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Erik Bernhardsson

... is the CTO at Better, which is a startup changing how mortgages are done. I write a lot of code, some of which ends up being open sourced, such as Luigi and Annoy. I also co-organize NYC Machine Learning meetup. You can follow me on Twitter or see some more facts about me.