Spotify's Discovery page

The Discovery page, the new start page in Spotify, is finally out to a fairly significant percentage of all users. Really happy since we have worked on it for the past six months. Here's a screen shot:


Some cool features

  • Artist/album/track recommendations based on stuff you've listened to before
  • New releases recommendations
  • Concert recommendations
  • Third party news stories

There's a ton of reviews out there: cnet, mashable. Some super positive, some kind of negative. Here's a super positive one that I'm mainly pointing out because I'm obviously biased: Awesome new Discover feed adds personalized music recommendations to Spotify.

How does it work? A ton of matrix factorization algorithms powers the collaborative filtering part, then a bunch of Hadoop jobs to generate recommendations. Looking forward to talk more about this in detail at some point! Meanwhile, the Discover page will definitely improve over time as we keep tweaking algorithms and content.