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The relationship between commit size and commit message size

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.56.35 PM

Wow I guess it was more than a year ago that I tweeted this. Crazy how time flies by. Anyway, here’s my rationale:

  • When I update one line of code I feel like I have to put in a long explanation about its side effects, why it’s fully backwards compatible, and why it fixes some issue #xyz.
  • When I refactor 500 lines of code, I get too lazy to write anything sensible, so I just put “refactoring FooBarController”. Note: don’t do at home!

I decided to plot the relationship for Luigi:

The plot is clickable! Check it out! It’s an old school image map which is pretty pathetic, since no one has used it since 1997, but it was just so much easier for this task. Hover over any point to see the commit message and click on it to jump to the commit on Github.

As you can see, there’s essentially no relationship between the two values. Not as spectacular as I was hoping for, but still kind of weird/interesting.

Code is here if you’re curious!

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Erik Bernhardsson

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