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Some more font links

My blog post about fonts generated lots of traffic – it landed on Hacker News, took down my site while I was sleeping, and then obviously vanished from HN before I woke up. But it also got retweeted by a ton of people.

This clearly constitutes another proof of how effective animated gifs are. There’s some stuff out there on the internet that I think is about 10x cooler than my blog post:

Recurrent Net Dreams Up Fake Chinese Characters in Vector Format with TensorFlow – blog post from a few weeks ago, doing something similar but modeling the strokes of Chinese characters as vector paths.


Learning a Manifold of Fonts – something I found the other day


Recurrent neural network handwriting generation demo – very cool RNN approach, similar to the Chinese character experiment above.


Some more Chinese characters generated using a neural network – in this case it’s a DCGAN (deep convolutional generative adversarial network) which is probably a better architecture than what I was using.


Avería – several people sent me this link about generating an “average” font


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