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I just bought Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future and discovered that it mentions my blog – in particular the post When machine learning matters.

machine, platform, crowd p. 146

Ok, I lied a little bit. I didn’t discover it serendipitously. Someone actually emailed me saying I was mentioned, and so I ordered the book for same-day delivery. But I was seriously planning to read the book anyway – having read both The Second Machine Age and Rage Against the Machine – they are great books and I’m not being biased.

What’s next? Hoping my blog will be mentioned in a Broadway musical in a few years.

As a complete side note, Erik Brynjolfsson has a conspicuously similar name to mine. Just for fun, I computed the Levenshtein distance of my name against every Wikipedia article. Erik Brynjolfsson has distance 6, and as it turns out is the closest one out of all Wikipedia articles. Now you know!

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Erik Bernhardsson

... is the CTO at Better, which is a startup changing how mortgages are done. I write a lot of code, some of which ends up being open sourced, such as Luigi and Annoy. I also co-organize NYC Machine Learning meetup. You can follow me on Twitter or see some more facts about me.