We're hiring at Better

Just a quick note that my team is always hiring at Better. A lot of new people have been joining the team here in NYC lately—the tech team has actually grown from 35 to 60 in just ~3 months. We are primarily looking for senior software engineers and/or engineering managers. But we would love to talk if you have less experience too! Our main tech stack is mostly TypeScript and Python.

We are also growing our data team and if you're interested in different data problems, I would love to chat. The team is only six people but will be growing very quickly. The most important thing I look for is curiousity about business and product—an entrepreneurial drive that compels you to dig into numbers and understand how everything fits together. The team works on the core data infrastructure as well as exploring hypothesis with product managers and other stakeholders. Most of the work is in Python, with a fair amount of SQL as well. If you know a bit machine learning or statistics, that's helpful, but not required. We do a fair amount of ML/stats at Better, but I consider those to be tools among many other things, and we don't have any roles for doing ML/stats full-time.

We are also looking for managers to come in and manage parts or all of the data team. If you have experience with both data and management, definitely reach out!

Finally, we're also looking for product managers. The product team (under new leadership by Devang Thakkar) is growing quickly (from 5 to 15 this year). We love to talk to you, especially if you have experience with deep automation problems (e.g. have a background in logistics, supply chain, operations research, or similar), OR if you have experience working with customer facing applications and you love to understand how to make customers love your products more, increase conversion rates, etc.

Just as a quick recap of what we're doing at Better: the mortgage industry is a huge very broken industry. 7 million Americans get a mortgage every year, and the average experience is like getting a root canal done on your finances. We are rethinking the industry from the ground up, by going after it as a tech startup—automating the whole process, putting it online, getting rid of the traditional commission-driven sales-centered model, and fundamentally offering a much better user experience as well. As a result of everything we're doing, we are also able to offer the lowest rate for a large segment of the US population.

better office view It could be you on this photo!

Feel free to email me at erik at better​.com, or reach out to me on Twitter or any other platform of your choice. You can also apply directly!

By the way

  • I just moved my blog from Jekyll+S3+Cloudfront to Hugo+Netlify. A lot of minor things broke in the process, that I've been fixing as I discover them. Please let me know if you see anything funky!
  • I know I haven't posted much lately. Being a startup CTO with two toddlers has gotten the best of me. But I have a few things coming down the pipe soon!
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